The Next-Generation
Genre of
Romantic Music


"Midwinter Turns to Spring is a
phenomenally important work that represents the synergistic fusion of prose and music.  It's pioneering a next-generation genre of fiction and music that incorporates profound insights, a message of transcendence and extraordinary songwriting."
-- Tony Trupiano, host of the nationally syndicated "Tony Trupiano Show" and Congressional candidate (Michigan)

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With the debut of the Midwinter Turns to Spring music CD, Zendrik is pioneering the next-generation genre of romantic music (a throwback from the bygone era of romantic songs, made contemporary for the modern-day romantic music lover).

It is unlike any music anyone has heard before, consisting of romantic poetry set to melodic Flamenco-flavored ballads that are dreamy and uplifting.


The songs are a skillful infusion of fluid tantalizing vocals that pierce you with a laser beam of emotion, accompanied by heart-melting strains of Spanish guitars that bring into being music that is luminously transcendent, and timelessly romantic.

Midwinter Turns to Spring is the music you listen to when ...

  • you want to be in a romantic mood

  • you want to know what it's like to love and be truly loved

  • you want to experience deeper dimensions of love


I'll Remember You

Midwinter Turns to Spring

La Ultima Vez (instrumental)

From Where I Stand

Let Me Come Eagerly

The Dusk of Savannah

Time and Space

Out On a Limb

In the Morning As You Sleep

Let Our Souls Touch

La Ultima Vez (Spanish Vocals)

Here's what people are saying about the music...


"The very first time I heard the music soundtrack of Midwinter Turns to Spring, I immediately fell in love with the songs. They sent shivers up and down my spine because the vocals were full of heartfelt emotion, and the melodies and words were so romantic and captivating. I've been listening to the CD everyday. The more I listen to the CD, the more I get addicted to the songs. I can't go through a day without listening to the CD at least once." -- F. Isaac, Rancho Cucamonga, California


"The music Midwinter Turns to Spring CD came as a big surprise. It has more drop-dead gorgeous songs than I've seen contained in a single CD. The songs tenderly wrapped me in the strains of Spanish guitars. I can already see these songs being played at weddings." -- Taylor Baskin, Middlefield, Connecticut



Who is Zendrik?  Is he a fictional character in the novel, Midwinter Turns to Spring (the first ever novel that comes with its own music soundtrack) -- or is he a real person on which the fictional character is based?

Here's an EXCERPT from the novel:

"Zendrik was unlike anything I expected, although I wasn't exactly sure what I was expecting.  A rock star, perhaps?  Being half Portuguese and half Filipino, his face had exotic Eurasian features. 

"Zendrik was well liked by the staff at the Club.  They enjoyed having him around because he had an innate ability for making everyone feel good about themselves, and knew how to regale those around him with stories ranging from his escapades as a young musician, to out-of-body experiences, to everything profound, spiritual, weird or wacky ... The bartenders, Diego and Enrique, called him Cosmic Shaman because he always engaged them in deep conversations about metaphysics and the occult.  They even named a cocktail in his honor--Cosmic Shaman, which was a traditional margarita on the rocks with a splash of dark rum."


The music on the Midwinter Turns to Spring music soundtrack is described as romantic Flamenco-flavored pop.

"I want to elicit feelings of love in the listener's heart through my songs, and share how divine source lets me express and experience love."
                       -- Zendrik


Zendrik is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter of Portuguese and Filipino descent.  He co-wrote, produced, arranged, mixed and performed (together with a female guest vocalist, Seana Fisher) the songs on the soundtrack to Midwinter Turns to Spring, the very first novel that comes with its own music soundtrack (patent pending with the U.S. Patent Office). Zendrik's debut album, also titled Midwinter Turns to Spring, consists of Flamenco-flavored pop ballads and an instrumental theme song.  (The music CD is attached to the inside back cover of the book, and is also available as a stand-alone CD.)

"I feel privileged to be involved in the monumental tour de force that Midwinter Turns to Spring (the novel) is," states Zendrik. "The element of music was purposely included in the novel to highlight one of the central themes of the book -- that of the power of music to communicate love better than mere words can -- as well as music's endless capacity for healing, breaking through pain, bringing us together with those we love, and reconnecting us with our higher selves and our creator."

Zendrik has been described as having a voice so liquid that it reminds one of a country stream—sparkling, gentle and cool to the senses. The silky resonance of his voice rocks you gently like a raft on the emerald harbor of shimmering guitar strings.

"This album represents an undertaking for which I have great passion," Zendrik said, "and will prove to be the most pivotal work I'll ever do in my life. Just as the novel presents a sublime paradigm of love, so too does the music soundtrack embrace the same profound theme that aims straight at the heart. It is my hope that those who listen to this CD will be inspired to experience deeper dimensions of love. To love is to live."



More rave reviews...


"I loved the novel - but the songs on the music CD took my breath away. Romantic strains of Flamenco guitar were woven throughout, tugging at my heartstrings and giving me a taste of what Alfonso's sentiments must have been like, and how Savannah must've felt. Not only is the music tantalizing, but the vocalists, Zendrik and Seana Fisher, obviously are world-class singers. Incidentally, the name 'Zendrik' appears in the novel as one of the main characters who wrote songs inspired by Alfonso and Savannah. It makes me wonder whether the character, Zendrik, was based on the real person, Zendrik, the singer who also produced the Midwinter Turns to Spring music album." -- Georgia Phillips, Montpelier, Vermont


"When I received Midwinter Turns to Spring in the mail last week, before even reading the book, I listened to the CD. I don't know what came over me but I cried through all the songs. I've only read a few chapters of the book thus far, and already I know that it, too, will touch many people's lives and give renewed hope for those who have been hurt by love or have stopped believing in love. Although I think that both the novel and the songs on the CD have great commercial potential, I predict that the songs on the CD will breakout way ahead of the novel."  - Greg Stiles, Hollywood, California


"Both the melodies and the words of the songs on the Midwinter Turns to Spring music CD are so beautiful they make me want to cry. I like all the songs on this album that I can't decide which one is my favorite. I like I'll Remember You, Let Me Come Eagerly, Let Our Souls Touch and Midwinter Turns to Spring, in particular. I listen to the CD wherever I go -- when I'm driving in my car, I take it with me. When I get back to my house, I listen to it on the home stereo, and when I'm sitting at my desk, I play it on my computer's CD player. I can't get enough of it!"  -- M. Langston, Sacramento, California


"Midwinter Turns to Spring is all about pure depth of emotions like hope, faith and selfless love. The music -- oh the music -- gives me goosepimples whenever I listen to it." -- Shikha Garg, Bangalore, India


"...and the music in the companion soundtrack is excellent, too. Zendrik is a great singer, and even my brother was very impressed with the songs on the CD when he came over to listen to them. But don't take my word for it. Enjoy both the novel and the music CD for yourself, and you won't regret doing so." -- Doel Joaquin, Claremont , California


"Oh, and the music (I put it on Repeat) is definitely an added attraction! The duets are truly wonderful. This CD is good enough to make it on its own, independent of the novel. Kudos to Zendrik for a wonderful job! I've added the CD to the collection I carry in my car!" -- Dotti Yells, Oceanside, California


"I can't decide which I like better - Midwinter Turns to Spring, the novel, or its companion music CD with the same title. What I do know is that the music gave a whole new dimension to novel reading. This novel/CD combo is something no book or music lover should be without." -- Cindy Bennett, Folsom, New Jersey


"Midwinter Turns to Spring, the book as well as its music soundtrack, are not only absolutely beautiful, a wonderful reminder of what love is, but it is also inspiring." -- V. Angelica, Las Vegas, Nevada


"Both the novel and the CD moved me in so many ways -- the melodic words described in the novel not only measured well with the rhythmic lyrics of the songs but it also harmonized well with my true feelings of what true love can be. We all have a choice with love if we can let go of fear. The significance of this fiction novel does not only live within the pages of this book or within each track of the CD. Because I, too, have been able to experience and continue to grow with my beautiful husband - by letting go of fear and allowing love to evolve us. Thank you again for the captivating reminder." -- T. Pueblos, N. Hollywood, California


"...and the songs on the CD soundtrack are so beautiful that they should be enjoyed not only in the context of novel reading, but be heard on the airwaves as well." -- Jackie Silva, Valparaiso, Indiana


"I love the songs on the CD -- especially Time and Space." -- Luisa Q., Rancho Cucamonga, California


CLICK HERE to view a romantic 3-minute movie
featuring the instrumental theme song from the CD and excerpts of love from the novel.


Midwinter Turns to Spring is Romantic Poetry Set to Music

Following are a few poetic excerpts from the song lyrics.
(The complete song lyrics are included in the booklet that comes with the Midwinter Turns to Spring CD.
© 2005 Veloso Music (ASCAP).
All Rights Reserved.

The Dusk of Savannah

Emerald strings
Playing the music of fresh fallen rain
Vagabond wind
Blowing through meadows to wither the pain
I sat and watched the dusk
fall on her face
Where could I stand on tiptoe
and not see all the madness ...

Time and Space

If you want to know
if I need some time, I do
But the time I need is the time to spend with you
If you want to know
if I need some space, I do
But the space I need is the space right next to you

Midwinter Turns to Spring

I remember autumn years ago
The amber days and nights of indigo
Oh my love
All the seasons in the world
Will never fade the thought of you
Sparrows fly on their way to you
And if I knew the way, I'd hurry, too
Midwinter turns to spring
But I remember things I never said to you ...

Out on a Limb

The point beyond that which most men won't go
There are worlds that I must come to know
And this realm is just the interim
And so I dare to go out on a limb
Out on a limb I go
Never turning back
Out on a limb I go
Closer and closer to me ...

In the Morning As You Sleep

You are a sunbeam in clover
As you sleep through bliss, I discover
You steal my heart away
I breathe in
Love's sweet aroma upon you
Wander through meadows inside you
To a place I've never been
All day I seek the sweetness of your face
I feel a hush that's deeper than I've known
Through the winter of life
My heart will always be with you, love
All of my life
I'll fall into you ...

From Where I Stand

And when I see you framed
In the doorway of my mind
No one else can dare compare
None ever I may find
And from where I stand or sit or lie
Even as the world goes by
You're all that I care to view
Time stops when I look at you
The stars can sleep tonight